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Young Athletes

The Young Athletes Program is an innovative and inclusive sports/play program for ALL children ages 2 1/2 to 7, which encourages children with and without intellectual disabilities to have fun and learn sporting skills at the same time. Through the Young Athletes Program exercises and activities, a child acquires and improves fundamental skills such as balance, running, jumping, catching, throwing, and kicking. The program is also loaded with opportunities for language development, social interaction and learning numbers, colors, shapes and more. Ability building and lifelong friendships are developed within this program as acceptance of everyone’s differences is encouraged.

Designed specifically for ALL children of ALL ability levels

  • Activities are designed to be fun and playful, increasing a child’s interest and participation
  • Activities are adaptable based on participants’ skill level
  • Fun exercise and physical development
  • Colorful, child-sized equipment
  • Introduction to sports skills and language
  • Develop social skills


The Young Athletes Program offers fun and fitness for ALL children of ALL ability stages! ALL children learn to play together and learn beginning sporting skills with locations throughout pre-schools, elementary schools and daycares across Arizona. ALL children learn acceptance for one another providing a gateway to reduce bullying as the children grow older. There are no participation fees associated with this program.


The Young Athletes Program is a great addition to your classroom! It is available to all preschools and classrooms kindergarten through 2nd grade that have children with and without intellectual disabilities.

The Young Athletes Program includes:

  • Activity Guide with all the Young Athletes activities
  • Equipment Kit with balls, cones, balance beam, etc.
  • Instructional DVD
  • Curriculum with over 200 mini health lessons on DVD
  • Training provided by Special Olympics Arizona
  • ALL students participate, regardless of diagnosis


  • Become a Volunteer Trainer in any of our six areas, find a program near you
  • Start a Young Athletes play activities group in your preschool, elementary school or daycare in your area
  • Encourage ALL children to accept one another for who they are
  • Educate children about individuals with intellectual disabilities to see their ability and potential

Please visit the Forms Page to view all the Young Athletes Program forms.


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