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With a lot of thought and debate, Special Olympics Arizona (SOAZ) moves forward offering the sport of Floorball in 2016 and transition out of Floor Hockey. SOAZ strives to support the worldwide movement of sports in which Special Olympics International has indicated the sport of Floorball will replace Floor Hockey here in the upcoming years.

Floorball is a much safer sport, allows for less equipment and smaller teams – three on three (with one goalie) or five on five (with one goalie). Due to the significantly lower startup costs, smaller teams and safer alternative the next World Winter Games there will be less teams participating in Floor Hockey and more slots for Floorball. In order to support this International movement, Special Olympics Arizona will be implementing the following:

  • Clinic and Floorball Game at Summer Games on May 7th from noon to 2pm.
  • Clinics and outreach events over the Summer 2016
  • Coaches Trainings in Summer/Fall 2016 

Special Olympics Arizona will be supplying all existing Floor Hockey teams with Floorball equipment to help them transition from Floor Hockey to Floorball. Teams will be contacted by their Area Directors to coordinate the training of their coaches and provisions for their Floor Hockey sports equipment.  The fall of 2016 Area Floorball competitions will be held in lue of Floor Hockey competitions and a Regional Floorball competition will be held in the Phoenix area, which is tentatively booked for the last weekend in January 2017 in lue of Floor Hockey competition in Flagstaff. We are excited to support this fun opportunity for the athletes and unified partners.

To learn more about Floorball please download the Floorball Fact Sheet for more information.



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