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Health Leadership Committee

The goal of the Health Leadership Committee (HLC) is to assure that Special Olympics Arizona continues to be progressive in the field of Health and Wellness, by offering high-quality programs throughout the state of Arizona, and create long-term benefits for SOAZ athletes. The Health Leadership Committee oversees Special Olympics Arizona health programs and initiatives. Made up of over 40 health and medical professionals, the committee works with healthcare professionals and SOAZ staff to help develop a cooperative of resources for SOAZ athlete health care and operate on a “pro bono” basis. 

The HLC is made of four focuses that collaborate to fulfill the goals of SOAZ Health Programs. The focuses include:



  • Aids Special Olympics Arizona creating a sustainable system to increase medical resources and enable access to follow-up care
  • Collaborates on planning and discussing Healthy Athletes screening events
  • Creates and maintains a system to increase medical resources to enable follow-up care



  • Advises SOAZ on Public Policy and health-related topics that relate to aiding individuals with intellectual disabilities in accessing health care
  • Collaborates on planning and discussing Healthy Athletes screening events
  • Collaborates with partner healthcare plans on member services and monetizing Healthy Athletes services



  • Focuses on the expansion of the Health Programs in gyms, training & exercise centers, and health clubs
  • Advises SOAZ delegations on exercise programs and advanced unified training opportunities available for partners and athletes
  • Creates and maintains partnerships with organizations looking to receive Unified Training Certification and implement Unified Sports® and wellness programming


Interested in joining the Health Leadership Committee? Complete our Candidate Profile and return it to Special Olympics Arizona at 2100 S. 75th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85043, Fax 602-230-1111, or Email to Amanda Metcalf at



  • Advises the HLC Committee on personal experiences in healthcare and SOAZ Health Programs
  • Plans and facilitates the Health Squad at competitions and events
  • Collaborates with SOAZ and the HLC to promote athlete self- advocacy in health
  • Promotes Health Programs and educates peers on healthy habits through overall fitness and wellness

Interested in joining the Athlete Leaders in Health Committee? Complete the Committee Application and follow the instructions on the form for submission.

* Please note the Athlete Leaders in Health Committee is for SOAZ Athletes only


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