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Volunteer Opportunities in Peoria, AZ

Joining Special Olympics Arizona (SOAZ) in Peoria provides a rewarding opportunity to touch the lives of athletes and make a difference in the community. As a volunteer, you contribute to local initiatives that assist individuals and families with special needs, leaving a positive impact that resonates through the dedication of our incredible volunteers. The experience of volunteering extends beyond supporting the athletes; it allows you to connect with the Peoria community, enrich your knowledge of those around you, and experience the fulfillment that comes from altruism.

You can support our athletes by cheering from the sidelines, collaborating with our team on event logistics, or providing essential emotional backing to families and athletes. Volunteers from all backgrounds are key to fostering an environment of inclusion and empowerment at Special Olympics Arizona. As we celebrate the athletes’ achievements and assist in their personal pursuits, we also nurture enduring connections of friendship, understanding, and acceptance within our community.

By joining our SOAZ team in Peoria, you’ll not only help ensure our events’ success but also form lasting bonds with fellow volunteers, community members, and the athletes. The power of sports goes beyond the field, influencing everyone involved—from the athletes to the volunteers. Volunteering with Special Olympics Arizona is more than a time and energy investment; it involves sharing your heart, delivering happiness, and participating in the creation of lasting memories.

Throughout the year, with numerous events and various opportunities in Peoria, there is plenty of room for you to significantly contribute, whether you’re looking for regular participation or occasional involvement. We are excited to welcome new volunteers to our fold and look forward to supporting our athletes together with you!

Join the SOAZ Peoria Volunteer Community Today!

Volunteer Age Requirements

  • 14 and older register as individual or group
  • 13 and younger, accompanied by adult 21 or older
  • 4 child volunteers : 1 adult
  • 7 & younger—no volunteer assignments but can join the fun!

Group Volunteers

  • Teambuilding
  • Church organizations
  • Family & friend groups
  • Professional groups

Day of Volunteers

  • Register to volunteer for a time slot or day event

What to Wear

  • SOAZ will provide volunteer t-shirts for the event
  • Remember to write your name on the shirt
  • Pants, shorts, and capris—appropriate length!
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sun protection!

What to Bring

  • Positive attitude
  • Fun!
  • Snacks—depending on the duration of the shift

Class A Volunteers

  • Ability to handle money and sell merchandise
  • Requires an application process
  • Click here and fill out the forms

Contact Us About Volunteering in Peoria

Volunteer Engagement Staff
Direct: (602) 476-0854
Email: volunteer@specialolympicsarizona.org

Rewarding for All

Looking to make a positive impact in your community? Starting your volunteering journey with SOAZ in Peoria is an exceptional choice. SOAZ offers a plethora of volunteer opportunities for both experienced and first-time volunteers, allowing for varied ways to influence both our athletes and the community at large. Establishing connections with our team, fellow volunteers, and outstanding athletes during events offers a rewarding and joyful experience. Whether you’re committing to a single event or a longer-term engagement, every volunteer is vital in cultivating our athletes’ capabilities and leading them to success.

Volunteers of all ages, from young children to adults and the elderly, dedicate their energy and souls to ensuring our events are successful. Our volunteers can range in age from children as young as 7 years old to adults and seniors of all ages. Children who are younger than 7 can still join in on the fun by bringing their youthful energy to cheer alongside their parents or siblings. Each volunteer brings something special: their constant dedication and enthusiasm are crucial in aiding our athletes to excel. The invaluable contribution made by SOAZ today is a testament to the hard work of our volunteers. We extend heartfelt thanks to those in the Peoria community who generously devote their time and energy to uplift our athletes and support our impactful events. Every contribution, no matter its size, helps foster the empathetic and inclusive community we proudly maintain.

Spirit of Giving

The foundation of our organization lies in a dedicated commitment to changing lives, a vision passionately upheld by our athletes, team, and volunteers who showcase the core values of teamwork and compassion. Each volunteer plays a critical role in cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity and belonging in the Peoria community, greatly improving our athletes’ lives. Through gestures of compassion, kindness, and selflessness, our volunteers help create a nurturing community of support and connection. Their consistent commitment to giving back makes a significant impact at every event and positively influences every athlete they support. Our volunteers are true sources of hope and inspiration, empowering us to create a community grounded in inclusivity and compassion.

At Special Olympics Arizona, something thrilling is always on the horizon! From trainings and competitions to a host of other events, there are countless opportunities to get involved every single day. Visit our Peoria event calendar to discover how you can make a significant impact on the SOAZ community.

All Ages, All Interests

We are thrilled by the growing number of teenage volunteers, which brings great promise for both our community and the future ahead. Seeing volunteers from all age groups, especially teenagers, deploy their distinctive skills and vibrant energy at our Peoria events is truly remarkable. SOAZ fully embraces the enthusiasm and vitality that younger volunteers bring to our cause. We encourage teens and young adults to get involved, whether independently or through school-related groups, by offering distinct and impactful volunteer opportunities in Peoria. Whether you are working with classmates or on your own, be confident that the zeal, commitment, and inventive spirit of our young volunteers are genuinely inspiring!




Volunteer Opportunities in Scottsdale, AZ
Volunteer Opportunities in Scottsdale, AZ

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