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Volunteer Opportunities in Avondale, AZ

Engaging with Special Olympics Arizona (SOAZ) in Avondale offers a transformative experience that not only impacts the lives of athletes but also enriches your own life. This opportunity allows you to support community-focused programs that aid individuals and families with special needs, leaving a lasting mark through the dedication of extraordinary volunteers like you. The impact of your involvement extends beyond the athletes; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in the local community, increase your understanding of your neighbors, and enjoy the rewards of giving back.

Whether you’re cheering on athletes, helping coordinate event logistics, or providing emotional support to athletes and their families, every volunteer’s contribution is vital for nurturing an inclusive and empowering environment at the Special Olympics Arizona. Our events are a celebration of athletic skills and personal development, and they foster deep connections of friendship, empathy, and acceptance within the Avondale community.

Joining the SOAZ team means not just assisting in the success of our events but also building lasting ties with other volunteers, local residents, and, most importantly, the athletes themselves. The transformative power of sports reaches far beyond the game, touching the lives of all participants. Volunteering with SOAZ is more than a time commitment—it’s an act of love, a way to spread joy, and an opportunity to create memorable moments.

With a variety of events all year round and numerous volunteer opportunities in Avondale, there’s ample space for you to have a meaningful role, whether through continuous engagement or occasional support. We look forward to welcoming new volunteers and sharing the excitement of our athletes’ achievements with you by our side!

Join the SOAZ Avondale Volunteer Community Today!

Volunteer Age Requirements

  • 14 and older register as individual or group
  • 13 and younger, accompanied by adult 21 or older
  • 4 child volunteers : 1 adult
  • 7 & younger—no volunteer assignments but can join the fun!

Group Volunteers

  • Teambuilding
  • Church organizations
  • Family & friend groups
  • Professional groups

Day of Volunteers

  • Register to volunteer for a time slot or day event

What to Wear

  • SOAZ will provide volunteer t-shirts for the event
  • Remember to write your name on the shirt
  • Pants, shorts, and capris—appropriate length!
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sun protection!

What to Bring

  • Positive attitude
  • Fun!
  • Snacks—depending on the duration of the shift

Class A Volunteers

  • Ability to handle money and sell merchandise
  • Requires an application process
  • Click here and fill out the forms

Contact Us About Volunteering in Avondale

Volunteer Engagement Staff
Direct: (602) 476-0854
Email: volunteer@specialolympicsarizona.org

Rewarding for All

Contributing to your community and positively impacting both others and yourself starts with volunteering at SOAZ. With endless opportunities for engagement in Avondale for both veteran and newcomer volunteers, SOAZ offers multiple pathways to affect the lives of athletes and the larger community. Building relationships with the SOAZ team, other volunteers, and our remarkable athletes brings immense satisfaction and delight to those who participate. Whether it’s for a single afternoon or an ongoing involvement, each volunteer is essential in fostering our athletes’ abilities and steering them towards their peak potential.

Our volunteers include individuals of all ages, from children just starting out to adults and seniors, all of whom pour their heart and spirit into the success of our events. Children as young as 7 will have just as much fun joining in on Special Olympics Arizona volunteer opportunities as our adults and seniors will. Children younger than 7 don’t have to miss out on the opportunity to get involved: they can still bring the energy by cheering on their siblings, family members, and athletes. Each volunteer brings something special to the table : their relentless dedication, vigor, and enthusiasm help transform our athletes into winners. The profound impact SOAZ has today is possible thanks to the exhaustive efforts of our volunteers. We deeply appreciate every Avondale community member who gives their time and passion to support our athletes and our meaningful events. Each volunteer’s effort, small or large, plays a part in creating the supportive and welcoming community we value.

Spirit of Giving

Central to our organization is a relentless commitment to life-changing endeavors, passionately supported by our athletes, staff, and volunteers who demonstrate the essential values of teamwork and empathy. Each volunteer is integral to nurturing a sense of inclusion and connection within the Avondale community, thereby enriching the lives of our athletes. Through their compassionate, kind, and selfless actions, our volunteers build a robust support network and sense of community. Their dedicated efforts significantly enhance every event and positively affect every athlete they interact with. Acting as pillars of hope and inspiration, our volunteers enable us to foster an environment filled with inclusivity and kindness.

At Special Olympics Arizona, the action never stops! From ongoing training sessions to competitive events and various other activities, there are endless opportunities for you to engage throughout the year. Browse our Avondale event calendar to find where you can leave a lasting mark on the SOAZ community.

All Ages, All Interests

The increasing involvement of teenage volunteers is a source of great enthusiasm for both our community and the future. Observing people of all ages, particularly young individuals, apply their unique abilities and endless vigor to our Avondale events is incredibly uplifting. SOAZ enthusiastically supports the zest and freshness that young volunteers infuse into our mission. We encourage teens and young adults to engage through independent initiatives or as part of school organizations, with each method offering valuable experiences. Whether joining forces with schoolmates or embarking on a personal volunteer journey, the energy, dedication, and innovation shown by our young volunteers in Avondale are extraordinary!




Volunteer Opportunities in Scottsdale, AZ
Volunteer Opportunities in Scottsdale, AZ

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