Photo Booth Help

Useful tips, tools, and resources on how to use the Photo Booths


  1. Assemble the Photobooth
    1. Ipad passcode 1975
    2. Go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Display and Brightness’
    3. Change ‘Auto-Lock’  to ‘Never’
  2. Assemble the Printer and connect the AirCastPro to the printer via USB.
  3. Click this link and follow the instructions for setting up the AirCastPro for wireless printing.
  4. You’ll be able to take photos using the CuratorLive App
    1. Email: and Password: soaz1234
    2. Press the refresh arrow in the top right corner of the screen
    3. Click on the event you are using the Photobooth at.
    4. Press the button with the cloud and arrow next to the event on the far right.
    5. Press the play button on the left of the event name.
    6. Press ‘photo booth’ as your mode.
      1. Tap the top left of the screen to begin the photo booth session.
      2. After a series of three photos are taken, a screen will appear to give you the option to text and print photos.
      3. Press done to restart.
    7. From the camera screen, you can tap the center bottom to open the complete gallery of photos taken from the event.


Full Tutorials can be found at: Getting Started with HootBooth ILLUMIN8 Curator Live Software Guides


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