SOAZ connected

We are so excited to launch our brand new Special Olympics Virtual Program, SOAZconnected.

As we look to find new ways to engage our athletes, partners and the entire SOAZ community, we hope you will join us on this exciting journey and join the conversation.

This will be a fun and engaging forum for the entire Special Olympics Arizona community to stay in touch by sharing photos, videos, funny stories or details of people doing great things in our community. We want this to be fun and interactive so please get involved and show us your best fitness tips, cooking hacks, talents, arts, and crafts or anything else that our outstanding SOAZ community will want to see!

SOAZconnected engages our athletes & community members through live and interactive educational, wellness, sports & fitness programs designed to support improved physical, mental, and social well-being. Check it out daily for new tips, tricks, challenges, and social hangouts! Feel free to comment below each post with questions, share advice, cheer each other on, and more!

You can find the SOAZconnected Facebook Group here –

If you are not on Facebook you can find all the info on our website as well at

We are so excited to launch this new virtual connection and communicate and engage with our great SOAZ community.

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