Recapping an epic summer of e-sports

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for playing

It’s been an epic summer of eSports competitions, ranging from Fortnite tournaments to Rocket League competitions, as well as exciting tournaments for Madden, NBA 2K20 and others.

We had a great turnout for these virtual events and want to thank all of you who participated. We look forward to hosting more of these each month so stay tuned.

Also a big shout out to all of our winners – you now have some bragging rights until the next competitions start up.

Stay tuned to SOAZconnected and our website for information on upcoming eSports events, and in the meantime, here are results from earlier competitions, with winners and the Top-3 for each competition, along with some photos of our great participants!

Xbox Madden
– First place: Noah Thon (Michigan)
– Second place: Austin Koontz (Kansas)
– Third place: Drew Ackert (Arizona)

PS4 Madden
– First place: Augie Lara (Colorado)
– Second place: Omar Reid (Texas)
– Third place: Alex Steffl (Minnesota)

Rocket League
– First place: Carter Erdmann (Southern California)
– Second place: Isaiah Maez (Colorado)
– Third place: Ryan Maez (Colorado)

Xbox NHL
– First place: Brady Allen (Indiana)
– Second place: Matt Colley (Indiana)
– Third place: Tyler Halpainy (Oklahoma)

– First place: Jared Kinsey (Maine)
– Second place: Alex Steffl (Minnesota)
– Third place: Augie Lara (Colorado)

– First Place: Alex Huse (Florida)
– Second Place: Ruben Salazar (Arizona)
– Third Place (there was a tie): Jake Willey (New Jersey) and Ryan Ocken (Arizona)

Xbox Fifa
– First Place: Matthew Carley (Arizona)
– Second Place: Jeremiah Petroff (Utah)
– Third Place: Ben Gregory (Indiana)

PS4 Fifa
– First Place: Chris Thibodeaux (Louisiana)
– Second Place: Kevin Peterson (New Jersey)
– Third Place: Paul Qualls (Utah)

Xbox NBA 2K20
– First Place: Justin Fleming (Minnesota)
– Second Place: Thomas Miranda (Arizona)
– Third Place: Austin Koontz (Kansas)

PS4 NBA 2K20
– First Place (there was a tie): Chris Thibodeaux (Louisiana) and Marino Cuen (Arizona)
– Third Place: Roberto Lopez (Kansas)


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