Unified Champion Schools

Our Goal

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools is a program that engages schools in creating climates of inclusion, acceptance, respect, and human dignity for all students with and without intellectual disabilities.

The initiatives that make up Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools are grouped into three core components: Unified Sports, which provide students with and without intellectual disabilities opportunities to participate in sports activities alongside one another; Inclusive Youth Leadership, where students of all abilities are given opportunities to take on leadership roles to promote inclusive activities in their school and community; and Whole-School Engagement, giving opportunities to all students in the school to participate and be exposed to messages and experiences of authentic inclusion through sustained school-wide awareness and education activities.

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools builds on Special Olympics’ values, principles, practices, experiences and impacts. This approach incorporates Special Olympics sports and related activities while enhancing the youth experience and empowering them to be change agents in their communities. This requires a shift in current programs and paradigms from a focus on events to committing to a movement advocating for youth as leaders.

Join the INCLUSION REVOLUTION by asking SOAZ staff how you can start or continue your Unified Champion School program today!

Katie DeVenuto
AIA Unified Sports Coordinator
Shae Knowlton
Unified Champion Schools Senior Coordinator

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